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Why Weight Train Over 40, 50, 60…

Posted on: December 7th, 2011 by Sandra O'Hagan 1 Comment

It is never too late to start a strength training or  resistance routine.  The most common concern
from women with regard to weight lifting is they do not want to “bulk up”.  Rest assured, women do no not produce enough  testosterone to develop bulging muscles.
Madonna arms do not come easy.  Those are a result of a disciplined weight lifting and eating regimen and  virtually no body fat.

The average woman lifting weights or performing resistance  exercise 2 times per week; the minimum recommended by Canada’s Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living;
will see a change in body composition as muscle develops and inches are lost.  In other words, clothes will fit differently  (better) and your body will become firmer. Combined with a healthy meal plan  and the changes will be much more significant.

As women age …

their metabolism slows, hormones change and body fat  increases in the abdomen.  A good weight  training program combined with cardiovascular training can circumvent this.

The number of muscle fibres in our bodies decline with  age.  We lose 5 pounds of muscle every
decade after the age of 30.  From 30-70  we lose more than 25% of our type 2 muscle fibres (those are the strength  fibres).  Weight training has a multitude  of benefits at any age however over 40, the results can absolutely slow down  and even reverse the aging process.

Consider these health benefits;

Resistance training, will actually rev up your metabolism  and burn more fat even at rest.

Additional muscle on your body will protect your bones.

Research on  resistance exercise suggests it can build bone in the elderly reducing the risk
of developing osteoporosis, which is very common in aging women.

There  is evidence supporting resistance exercise helps lower moderately high blood pressure.

Not to mention these added benefits;

√  Lifting weights is empowering

√  Helps relieve stress

√  Improves Self Esteem

√  Improves posture

√  Helps you sleep better

√  Provides overall well being

There are many misconceptions about resistance exercise.  It is not just for men or bulking up.  More women are  realizing the health benefits and moving off the treadmill and into the weight
training section of the gym in order to reap the rewards.

Remember, weight lifting requires good form and practice and if not done properly, there is a risk of  serious injury so be sure to be very cautious when you start and consider hiring a personal trainer (shameless plug) to get you started.

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