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Are you CONTEMPLATING Getting in Shape This Year?

Posted on: January 31st, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

There are many things we contemplate in a day; does my butt  look big in these pants?  red sweater or blue?  oatmeal or toast? The Biggest Loser or Dancing With The Stars (sadly on at the
same time)?…You get the picture.  Then  there are those things that are “carved in stone” like brushing your teeth,  walking the dog, going to work, having your coffee, etc.  Is it time to add fitness to this list?

How many times have you broken the “get fit” New Year’s resolution?  Do you ever say I am going to the gym tonight  and then skip it after a long day?  Have  you ever said I am going to look into joining a gym or starting a program?  Are you just too busy, stressed or lack the
energy to make it happen?

Your body has to last a lifetime and it is never too late to get in shape so here are some tips for getting past “contemplation” and making this  a “carved in stone” priority;

  • Put the appointment on your calendar and KEEP IT
  • Hire a trainer or sign up for pre-paid classes so you are committed
  •  Recruit a dedicated workout partner so you will be accountable to each other
  •  If you have any indecisiveness about keeping the “appointment”, think about a great song that will inspire you once you get there
  •  Be sure your MP3 player is always charged and loaded with great tunes
  •  Re-pack your gym bag after every workout so it is always ready to go
  •  Always have a quick snack of complex carbs and protein about 30 minutes to 1 hour before your workout to be sure you have adequate energy (fuel) 
  •  The cost of a gym membership is about $50 per month.  Going 3 times per week it is about $4 each time.  If you miss an “appointment”, visualize taking 2 toonies and throwing them out your car window.  Who would do that?
  •  Set very specific goals (example – lose 5 pounds in 30 days) and reward yourself (not with food) when you reach fitness milestones
  •  Get to know other gym goers.  No time to be too social but a smile and a quick hello will make you feel good and comfortable in the environment and others will appreciate it as well
  • Stay motivated and challenged by changing your workouts regularly
  • Think about how GREAT you will feel after your workout and BE INSPIRED to keep going 

Make your fitness appointment today and stick with it.  It takes time to create a habit…so don’t
give up!

Need some extra help to get started?  Consider Personal Training or Group Fitness

You Only Have One Life to Live; make it  SO Full of LIFE