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Weight Loss Guaranteed…??

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan 4 Comments

You have all seen the advertising with the before and after pictures of the overweight frumpy unhappy person beside her own picture where she has her tummy pulled in, shoulders back, chest out, hair and make up done along with a spray tan, terrific smile and nicely sculpted body (air brushed folks!). There are thousands of “guaranteed” weight loss claims and many come in a bottle.  Just one pill and you are guaranteed to lose weight. These are often not real or safe!

Why do we buy into these claims?  Partly because 1 in 4 Canadians are obese and in an instant gratifications society; anything that sounds quick and easy is going to grab our attention.

Three years ago after suffering a brain bleed, the Neurosurgeon asked me a few questions about smoking, drinking and exercise. He also inquired if I took diet supplements (which I did not). He specifically mentioned a brand called Hydroxycut. CBC News reports “since 2007, Health Canada has issued warnings involving at least 170 weight-loss products, including the supplement Hydroxycut, which in the U.S. has been linked to at least a dozen cases of liver toxicity and one death”.  My reasearch did not uncover any link to brain bleed activity but the question did peak my interest.

Sustained weight loss is never quick and easy and if you are the 1 in 4 people dealing with obesity, it was not quick and easy to get there and turning the situation around requires healthy choices and much effort.

Here are a few tips to make it possible to stick to a no nonsense, drug free weight loss plan:

  • Follow Canada’s Food Guide for portion control and healthy balanced eating.  Get a copy online.
  • Create a daily meal plan and stick to it (check out Eat Right Ontario to get started)
  • Eat 4-6 small meals a day
  • Get Moving – walk, bike, take classes at the gym, LIFT WEIGHTS (did I mention my favourite!)
  • Drink plenty of water (8 to 10 – 8 oz glasses a day)
  • Sleep – get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep per night
  • Meditate Daily – 15 minutes of “YOU” time without distraction
  • Socialize, spend time with friends, LAUGH!

Remember, you only have one life to live, make it SO Full of LIFE!!

Next Time: Sugar, the not so sweet truth!!

What if you could live your life at the top of the hill rather than going over the hill?

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan 4 Comments

The anti-aging benefits of exercise particularly weight training are astounding.   I recently read a great book called “Strength for Life” by Shawn Phillips.  This book walks you through a life plan that will keep you energized, revitalized, young and fit for life.  It is a blueprint for health and wellness.

The reason I mention the book is because of its very insightful visuals and easy to understand methods to get you on the right track to a healthy and successful future. 

The author paints a picture of our belief that we will all age with an expectation of failing health and greatly reduced ability.  He talks about how we recognize and celebrate people who have aged well with strength, health and agility and treat them like they are remarkable when the reality is, everyone can live a life of vitality if they want to.  We need to stop believing and expecting to grow old and unwell and start looking after our bodies.

               AGED LIVING           or           AGELESS Living…It is a choice

Once you adopt a life of fitness and wellness with an emphasis on strength training, you too will be able to live your life at the top of the hill!

Just in case you need a reminder of the ageless benefits of weight training, here are 10 great reasons to add this to your fitness routine;

1)      Muscle burns more calories even at rest

2)      Muscle improves your body shape

3)     Reduce your risk of disease including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and even dementia and Alzheimer’s

4)      Add years to your life

5)      Improve happiness

6)      Feel empowered

7)      Reduce stress

8)      Improve sleep quality

9)      Improve bone density – very important as we age

10)   Become more flexible improving ability to perform everyday functions

Let your journey to a better life begin today.  Take your first step to ensuring you never go over that hill!