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Introducing YOGA!!!

Posted on: September 20th, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments
Come join us Tuesday September 25th 2012 at 7PM for our first Moksha inspired Yoga session in the SO Full of LIFE Studio. Chantal LeBrun, a certified Yoga Instructor will lead us in a series of movements designed to improve strength, flexibility and stability.
Enjoy the luxury of this mind body awareness session to help you reduce stress, become mentally sharp, focused, inspired and balanced.
The rate for this class is $15 and must be booked in advance as space is limited. Your consideration in only securing your spot if you are confident you will be attending is appreciated.
Add this to your calendar for Tuesday October 2nd and 9th as well. Future sessions will be determined and communicated.
Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing you in class on Tuesday @ 14 Idle Ridge Court Kitchener.

Are you living up to your potential?

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan 6 Comments

Last month I attended the largest fitness conference in the world at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The speakers were world class and the attendees, full of energy (and a little caffeine where necessary).  It is truly amazing to see thousands of people in top physical shape with loads of stamina to get through 3 full days of constant activity and physical and mental stimulation.  This event helps solidifies why I left my corporate career and started my own business in the wellness world.

Simon Whitfield, the Olympic triathlete inspired us with his story about his rise and fall (pun intended) at this years Olympics.  His low key, humble personality was endearing and he left us wanting to hear more about his journey to becoming an Olympian.  I think we were all ready to train for a triathlon by the time he finished, although in my case, that has since greatly diminished.  Simon Whitfield’s passion, drive, dedication and ability to reach his potential is why he was able to win Olympic Gold in Sydney in 2000 and Silver in Beijing in 2008.

Peter Twist a former world class conditioning coach for the NHL and Founder of Twist Sport Conditioning shared his very personal story about his recent battle with Cancer and left us equally inspired and even tearful while realizing he is not out of the woods yet.  He talked about unlocking your true potential and what it took to get get through his months of recovery.  Everyone was given a stress ball the size of  a baseball as a symbol to show the size of the tumour removed from his neck and we were to write “I WILL” on the ball as a takeaway to remind us that we WILL RISE TO OUR POTENTIAL.  That ball is on my desk and I pick it up every day knowing I have more to do to reach my potential and I WILL get there!

What about you?  What if you could unlock your true potential?  Where would it take you?  Are you living the life you imagined?  Do you have untapped dreams?  Take a few minutes and write down your dreams as they relate to your life including work, home, family, romance and money.  Writing your dreams down will take you one step closer to achieving them.  Believing you can achieve them will get you there!

Need more inspiration?  Check out The Magic  by author Rhonda Byrne (also author of The Secret)



How Balanced is your Life?

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

Many people believe if they  just had more money, a better job, a new car or more time in their lives, they would be fulfilled.  We are often in search that “thing” that will make us happy.  We hear a lot about work/life balance but what does that really mean?  What does your life consist of; home, family, work, social life?  Work is really only a small piece of your life pie but consumes a large chunk of your time so it becomes very significant.  Often it is tough to see the reality of our lives.

This balance wheel breaks up your life into 8 very important segments.  Take a moment to click the link and print this off.  Within each piece imagine there are 10 sections to a triangle and 10 is the outer edge.  Add a dot in each segment at number 1 through 10 to represent how you feel about your success in that part of your life.  Rank 1 closest to the centre of the pie if that is an area requiring a lot of work or half way up the pie at 5 or 6 if you believe you have reached a middle of the road place in that area of your life or 10 being the best it could be.  You get the idea.  Once you have done that, take a pencil and make a circle joining all the dots around the wheel.


Take a look at your wheel now and determine if it would roll like a tire and be nicely balanced or imagine driving down the road with a tire in the shape you are looking at.  Would it be a flat wheel, lumpy wheel, very small wheel or a large wheel with your pieces all closer to 10?  Really think about each piece of this pie and how your life would look if you were able to improve some of the lower ranked areas.

What goals could you set for yourself in order to have a more gratifying life?  Do you need to save or invest more money?  Do you need to exercise more or get a regular massage?  Do you need to read more, take a course or learn to meditate?  How about more social time, less work time, date nights with your significant other or family dinners?  Is it time to rearrange the furniture and declutter your house?  Many things will come to mind that would help create a happier, healthier YOU!

Not having time to do whatever it takes to balance your life is a choice.  We can all make things fit if we choose to.  How important is it to you?  How important is it to your family and those who care about you.  Are you the best person you can be if you have areas in your life that are seriously lacking attention?

While true balance is virtually impossible, rounding out the wheel is essential to reducing the pressure of trying to get through life on flat tires.

I would love to hear from you.  Please try the exercise and provide comments on this post.

Remember, you only have one life to live; make it SO Full of LIFE!!

“I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.”  

– Oprah Winfrey