Are you living up to your potential?

Last month I attended the largest fitness conference in the world at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The speakers were world class and the attendees, full of energy (and a little caffeine where necessary).  It is truly amazing to see thousands of people in top physical shape with loads of stamina to get through 3 full days of constant activity and physical and mental stimulation.  This event helps solidifies why I left my corporate career and started my own business in the wellness world.

Simon Whitfield, the Olympic triathlete inspired us with his story about his rise and fall (pun intended) at this years Olympics.  His low key, humble personality was endearing and he left us wanting to hear more about his journey to becoming an Olympian.  I think we were all ready to train for a triathlon by the time he finished, although in my case, that has since greatly diminished.  Simon Whitfield’s passion, drive, dedication and ability to reach his potential is why he was able to win Olympic Gold in Sydney in 2000 and Silver in Beijing in 2008.

Peter Twist a former world class conditioning coach for the NHL and Founder of Twist Sport Conditioning shared his very personal story about his recent battle with Cancer and left us equally inspired and even tearful while realizing he is not out of the woods yet.  He talked about unlocking your true potential and what it took to get get through his months of recovery.  Everyone was given a stress ball the size of  a baseball as a symbol to show the size of the tumour removed from his neck and we were to write “I WILL” on the ball as a takeaway to remind us that we WILL RISE TO OUR POTENTIAL.  That ball is on my desk and I pick it up every day knowing I have more to do to reach my potential and I WILL get there!

What about you?  What if you could unlock your true potential?  Where would it take you?  Are you living the life you imagined?  Do you have untapped dreams?  Take a few minutes and write down your dreams as they relate to your life including work, home, family, romance and money.  Writing your dreams down will take you one step closer to achieving them.  Believing you can achieve them will get you there!

Need more inspiration?  Check out The Magic  by author Rhonda Byrne (also author of The Secret)



Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by Sandra O'Hagan 6 Comments

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  1. Al Blaik says:

    Hi Sandra, it’s nice to see your name pop up on my email again. I guess I am am Living the Life I Imagined as a matter of fact I am really pushing myself to get everything I want to do squeezed in before I am too old. Anyway it’s great to see you are doing well at your business. Maybe some day we will get out for lunch I still owe you one.


  2. Sofia says:

    Hi Sandra:

    It’s inspiring to see your dedication knowing all that you have overcome to get where you are.

    Thanks for all the great messages.


  3. Shirley says:

    Hi Sandra,

    It’s wonderful to see how dedicated and driven you are.

    You have truly have found your passion,and I am very happy for you. I enjoy receiving your emails and all of the motivation you provide.


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