Are You Eating on Auto Pilot?

Typically people do not eat just because they are hungry.  We all are guilty of emotional eating or mindless snacking.  This can result in serious weight gain over time.  As we age it is even tougher to lose weight especially without exercise.  While exercise is a very important part of wellness and weight loss, mindful eating can be the key to the weight loss battle.  3500 excess calories creates a pound of weight gain.  By reducing your caloric intake by about 125 calories per day you could lose one pound per month.  This does not sound like much but imagine losing 12 pounds in 1 year.  That is an entire pant size!

Check out how easy it is to create mindful eating habits:

  • Plan your meals – I do not promote “diets” but meal planning is the single biggest predictor of weight loss and maintenance success so always knowing what your next meal/snack is eliminates the opportunity to derail
  • Eat 6 small (planned) meals a day and never wait until you are hungry to eat
  • Eat within approximately 1 hour of getting out of bed in the morning to kick start your metabolism
  • Eat mindfully – be aware of every bite focusing on the flavour, texture and enjoyment of the food 
  • Eat slower – put down your fork between bites and cut your food into smaller pieces
  • Eat meals from a smaller plate or bowl
  • Measure, measure, measure – use a scale for meat and fish and use measuring scoops for vegetables, rice and potatoes
  • When putting food on your plate, make sure nothing touches as this will ensure your portions are kept in check
  • Serve your food from the stove or counter rather then on the table where you will be tempted to have seconds
  • Avoid taste testing or sampling food prior to sitting down to eat as you can eat many excess calories without realizing it
  • Drink plenty of water – not only is water essential to brain function and a host of other benefits, it is also helpful in making us feel less hungry  if you drink a glass about 30 minutes before a meal

There are dozens of things you could do to cut 125 calories from your day.  Please share your mindful eating tips in the comments section below.

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