Happy Blue Monday!

As I sat in my office after enjoying wonderful clients this morning, I was loving the sunshine streaming in and feeling warm and cozy while sipping a great cup of coffee.

To my surprise, I opened Facebook and realized it was Blue Monday…the saddest, lowest day of the year…really?  There is no doubt that the days are short and the sun not as frequent, the air cold and January half over with resolutions having been made and broken and that can be tough.  While that can bring you down, do not despair, there are many benefits of this time of year…

The warmth of a fireplace

A nice big sweater, hoodie or comfy sweatshirt

No gardens to weed or grass to mow

A new year providing new opportunities and excitement for the upcoming months

The days start getting longer

Snowy days create a beauty unmatched

Skiing is at is best with consistently cool temps

Soups and stews full of healthy veggies and proteins are wonderful comfort food in winter

Take a moment and think of what you are grateful for and smile.  Remember, what you think about, you bring about.  If you read and believe it will be a bad or sad day…you are probably right.

Shake it off and enjoy what each day has to offer and while you are at it, make someone else’s day just in case they read the same article many of us did about Blue Monday!


Posted on: January 21st, 2013 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

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