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What I Learned during 30 Days of Activity

Posted on: July 8th, 2013 by Sandra O'Hagan 2 Comments

2013-06 Day 11 of ChallengeThe 30 in 30 Challenge started out as a way to get people more active and support a great charity. I was hoping to get a few people involved and would donate my personal training package as a prize. Ultimately over 70 people registered and 20 prizes were donated by some great friends and companies.

The challenge took on a life of its own and became very inspiring to myself and others and lessons were learned in the process.

I learned that some people would rather not try then risk feeling like they failed.  No criticism intended as I live this philosophy.  I realized those who signed on and did more activity then they did before, even if it was 5 days of activity from zero, were successful!

I learned that crazy busy people fit activity into their lives and there are always people busier then you and I who are active and exercising.

I learned that I could sprint 9.5 mph.  My goal for the challenge was to get to 10 mph but 9.5 mph still felt like a huge success.

I learned that I was terrible at taking selfies, you know pictures of yourself.  Hence the sweaty photo attached to this blog from Day 11 of the challenge.

I learned that people are uber generous and all of the donators of prizes including those who approached me even when they didn’t know me at all, are very special people.

I learned that my goal of changing lives when I quit my job has manifested in very different ways then I originally thought.  This challenge changed some lives.  Sedentary people walked, walkers ran and people who were already active became more active and some even “walked with possibility”.

I learned (already knew) that House of Friendship is a wonderful charity and were super supportive and some of their staff even signed on for the Challenge.

I want to thank the participants and supporters of the 30 in 30 Challenge and House of Friendship for being such great folks who are making a difference in our community!  Ready for the next Challenge?

Did you take the challenge?  What did you learn?