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What is all the Green Smoothie hype about???

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by Sandra O'Hagan 2 Comments

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Wednesday March 19, 2014

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One Woman’s Humorous Journey through Personal Training…Part 3

Posted on: March 16th, 2014 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

SO Full of Life LOGO 2012 Anne, my dear client and friend, offered to journal her fitness experience for me and it was too good not to share.  She agreed to allow me to pass along the experience in her words…enjoy!!

  Visit 5: “Okay, now I’m getting nervous.  Sandra’s been giving me really gentle smiles and encouraging me softly  with “we’re going to add a little more weight now”.  Folks, I think that she’s ‘bringing it on”!  The cool thing is – I’m ready.

I must admit, on the way home after a session, stray cattle should hide themselves as I am starving for protein.  Sandra has assured me that such a reaction is normal and explained how to use protein powder effectively.  Thankfully so far, no bovine have been harmed. Plus these green smoothies for breakfast (Sandra’s recipe)– like rocket fuel!  They make me feel really awake and energised.  In addition, I have the added bonus of feeling pretty righteous for already having ingested spinach before 8:00 a.m.!

Okay, my perk for today.  I was meeting with one of my own business clients and gestured about something important.  My collection of upper arm muscles sprang into action – it was all I could do not to force my unsuspecting client to feel my arm (who’s kidding whom, that day will come).” 

Visit 6:  “Okay, today it happened.  I worked so hard, I didn’t think that I was going to be able to walk up Sandra’s stairs – crawl maybe, but that seemed too inelegant to even consider.  Thus, we see the role that pride has in physical fitness.  I went today thinking I would do anything that she asked, regardless of my own fears.  And I did it (wild applause breaks out in the bleachers!). It was exhilarating!   A sweaty, hot mess of pride – that’s me.

Today, I think that I also discovered a secret about the wonders of training, for women anyway.  In our daily lives, we carry a big bundle of worries – doing our jobs well or building strong businesses, stretching money to cover all the things we need to address, figuring out the healthiest food to eat, tending to the loved ones who need us.  Personally, I think that the massive appeal of that fella from Fifty Shades of Grey was simply that he organized everything!

So the ‘secret’ … Sandra is like that perfect partner who is focussed only on you, even at your worst.  In fact, she likes it if you are a fine stinking mess.  Sandra will make sure that the space is fresh and clean for you, design a new routine to fire up your muscles, encourage you as you try new things and even notice when your butt is looking smaller!! 

We all crave a space where we matter, without any distractions about the mountain of obligations that await us.  Sandra provides a haven for busy people to catch their breath and learn how to be gently excellent in another area in their lives.  So if I stop you at our next meeting and make you feel my arm muscles, blame it on Sandra!”

Check in next week for more on Anne’s humorous and enlightened journey!!

One Woman’s Journey Through Personal Training and Beyond…Part 2

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

2013-06 Sandra Photo shoot (2)

Anne, my dear client and friend, offered to journal her fitness experience for me but it was too good not to share.  She agreed to allow me to pass along the experience in her words…enjoy!!

Visit 3:

“Okay, so Sandra began sweet and I thought this was going to be easy (foolish me).  She’s still sweet but today the weights began going up.  It’s a cool experience, feeling your muscles get tired – I would usually stop way before that point.  She’s so careful with me that when she says to stop, I know that it’s time, and when she encourages me to do a couple more lifts, I am pretty sure that I can do it.

Results?  I can feel my legs trembling a bit – and it’s great!  I am so enjoying that novel feeling that I’ve worked hard.  Plus, I stopped off to pick up some groceries on the way and, nope, I didn’t reward myself with cookies or chips.  Salmon, Brussels sprouts and blueberries found their way into my bag.  It helps that I have this lovely fantasy that I might look a little like Sandra, hey whatever helps, right?!”

2 Days Later:

“The cockiness has left my swagger – Sandra was right, I do feel it today.  It’s the thighs and the butt and, oh man, they are teaching me a lesson today.  I just keep telling myself … this is what athletes feel, right?  But I am pretty sure that I can feel myself getting stronger, so bring it on!”

Visit 4:

“I have never been so proud in my life to declare that “I stink!”  At one point during the workout, I caught the scent of real sweat … and Sandra didn’t appear to be exerting herself, so I had to assume that it was me. Wow, working out to the point of sweating is not something I am known for (this from a gal who thinks that sweating is like leaking and one should stop immediately).

The exercises are challenging and I do feel tired but just before I have time to get too pooped, Sandra moves me on to another exercise. It’s so exhilarating (yep, I said it) to feel my muscles working hard – it’s an amazing experience.

So what’s the difference so far?  I have to say that I feel taller.  My body seems fully engaged and my strong posture seems quite effortless.  It might seem like a small change but it feels like a really positive way to move through the world.  The other outcome – I feel braver.  If I could do this thing that so intimated me, what else might I be able to do?”

Continue following Anne’s journey next week!


One Woman’s Journey Through Personal Training and Beyond…

Posted on: March 1st, 2014 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

Last year I was con2013-06 Sandra Photo shoot (2)tacted by someone I knew from a business networking group.  She had experienced an injury which resulted in a frozen shoulder.  This limits range of motion in your shoulder and can be quite debilitating.  Left untreated, it can take a very long time to heal.  She was undergoing physiotherapy but the injury made her very aware of the need to consider a fitness program.

After an initial meeting and intake session, Anne was ready to get started.  She offered to provide me with a journal item after her sessions so I could see my training from my client’s eyes.  I welcomed the feedback and she kindly agreed to allow me to share the funny and heartfelt journey with you.  I hope you enjoy this training experience through her eyes and body!

Visit #1:  “For any person carrying around more weight than they should, or feeling way less active than ideal, sitting down with a personal trainer can be as intimidating as a fresh round of rabies shots.  So you have an idea of how nervous I was to talk with Sandra O’Hagan about fitness training. 

Sandra herself is staggeringly fit and really focussed on the necessity of strength training and good eating for healthy aging (thus the intimidation factor). What I didn’t realise is how gently respectful she is of where each of us stands, what goals we set for ourselves and how we define success.  She has even created her own gym space so that her clients don’t need to feel intimidated by the large gym experience. Plus, she’s got a great laugh that acknowledges the humour that is also part of this journey.

So although it’s a scary step, it’s inviting too. I don’t know how successful I will be. But I am ready to take the first step … with Sandra.  And after all, we’ve got to start somewhere, right?”

Visit #2:  “Getting ready for my first ‘real’ session with Sandra was more nerve wracking than a date with a really fabulous fella.  My bedroom was strewn with clothes tried on and discarded.  The reality I had to admit was that no amount of draping or dark colours would change my outline.  So I sucked it up and headed out to Sandra’s place.

You know all those TV shows about the humiliation and hollering involved in motivating people to change their body shapes? Well apparently, Sandra doesn’t watch those shows. 

Sandra is gentle and encouraging as she gets you started. She watched for vulnerabilities in my strengths so that she will know where to build and where to be careful.  I have a shoulder that’s a little weak at the moment – she was more careful of it than I was.  And where I was already a bit strong – she offers such encouragement that I already felt like a huge winner.

While the facts are still the facts – and the mirrors are truthful, Sandra really knows how to make the whole session completely stress-free.  It was actually “fun” and, trust me, I never thought that would be a word to describe a workout!

As I left, I am proud to share – I may even have felt the tiniest twinge in my legs, I think it might be a muscle waking up.  They’ve been sleeping for quite a while, so this might be a bit of a shock.  I am delighted to report that Sandra’s “Starting Gate” is a happy place!”

Anne’s journey continues next week…please check it out and provide comments.