One Woman’s Journey Through Personal Training and Beyond…Part 2

2013-06 Sandra Photo shoot (2)

Anne, my dear client and friend, offered to journal her fitness experience for me but it was too good not to share.  She agreed to allow me to pass along the experience in her words…enjoy!!

Visit 3:

“Okay, so Sandra began sweet and I thought this was going to be easy (foolish me).  She’s still sweet but today the weights began going up.  It’s a cool experience, feeling your muscles get tired – I would usually stop way before that point.  She’s so careful with me that when she says to stop, I know that it’s time, and when she encourages me to do a couple more lifts, I am pretty sure that I can do it.

Results?  I can feel my legs trembling a bit – and it’s great!  I am so enjoying that novel feeling that I’ve worked hard.  Plus, I stopped off to pick up some groceries on the way and, nope, I didn’t reward myself with cookies or chips.  Salmon, Brussels sprouts and blueberries found their way into my bag.  It helps that I have this lovely fantasy that I might look a little like Sandra, hey whatever helps, right?!”

2 Days Later:

“The cockiness has left my swagger – Sandra was right, I do feel it today.  It’s the thighs and the butt and, oh man, they are teaching me a lesson today.  I just keep telling myself … this is what athletes feel, right?  But I am pretty sure that I can feel myself getting stronger, so bring it on!”

Visit 4:

“I have never been so proud in my life to declare that “I stink!”  At one point during the workout, I caught the scent of real sweat … and Sandra didn’t appear to be exerting herself, so I had to assume that it was me. Wow, working out to the point of sweating is not something I am known for (this from a gal who thinks that sweating is like leaking and one should stop immediately).

The exercises are challenging and I do feel tired but just before I have time to get too pooped, Sandra moves me on to another exercise. It’s so exhilarating (yep, I said it) to feel my muscles working hard – it’s an amazing experience.

So what’s the difference so far?  I have to say that I feel taller.  My body seems fully engaged and my strong posture seems quite effortless.  It might seem like a small change but it feels like a really positive way to move through the world.  The other outcome – I feel braver.  If I could do this thing that so intimated me, what else might I be able to do?”

Continue following Anne’s journey next week!


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