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How can the 80/20 Rule take the Pressure off Weight Loss?

Posted on: October 21st, 2014 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

2014-10-20 80 20 Rule for healthy eating

Are you a yo-yo dieter?  Do you lose weight for special occasions and promptly put it back on once the event is over? Wouldn’t it be great to maintain your weight without having 3 sizes of everything in your wardrobe?

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, author of THE DIET FIX, promotes maintaining the healthy weight you can sustain. Now that is a great concept!

You have probably heard of terms like cheat meals, food tracking and portion control as ways to lose weight and while all of those are pieces of a great weight loss/maintenance plan, there is a very simple way that requires none of this.

Like so many things in life, the 80/20 rule applies even with weight loss.  Consider creating an 80/20 meal plan where 80% of the time you are eating, whole, raw unprocessed foods and the other 20% you are eating what you enjoy “in moderation”. If you knew you could eat what you wanted, wouldn’t that take the stress out of the perpetual diet plan you are on?

If you are still trying to get into that size 6 dress from 20 years and 3 children ago, please burn the dress, move on and enjoy the “healthy weight you can sustain” now.  Thank you Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, simple wise words we can all live by. Do you think this would work for you?

Remember, you only have one life to life, make it SO Full of Life!



One Woman’s Humorous Journey through Personal Training…Part 4

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Sandra O'Hagan No Comments

SO Full of Life LOGO 2012 Anne, my dear client and friend, offered to journal her fitness experience for me and it was too good not to share.  She agreed to allow me to pass along the experience in her words…enjoy!!

Visit 8:  Did I tell you that I grew up on a farm?  One value for people living on a farm is that you ‘pitch in’ – helping each other is noticed and forms part of your community reputation.  It’s also a time for conversations and getting to be a part of each other’s lives, in a quiet way.

This Saturday, I was able to pitch in.  We were clearing the brush.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was.  It was time to spend with the men in my family.  And, not only was I strong enough to help, I ‘felt’ strong enough to try.  Although I wasn’t the most helpful person on the team, I made a contribution.  Plus I also got to spend time with people I love, in a way that matters to them.

Visit 9:  Who knew that I would be so pleased (okay, cocky) to have gone through three sets of exercises?!  When we first did two sets, I thought Sandra was out of her mind and then she hinted that “three” was the next goal.  It crossed my mind that if I hollered “look over there, it’s Elvis” that I might be able to distract Sandra before set number three and duck out of the building.

But today we did it and I am still vertical.  Although I will share Sandra’s horror that I was doing it on an empty stomach – a shameful lack of preparedness on my part.  Allow me to be a horrible example for you, eat something first!  Otherwise, you might feel a bit dizzy with occasional spots in front of your eyes – and this isn’t something to be proud of, like your pants falling off because you have lost so much weight, this was pure stupidity in action.

Another bit of news is about the injury that inspired me to work with Sandra in the first place (sounds noble doesn’t it, not an out of shape physique desperately in need of coaching).  I have a frozen shoulder – who knew that shoulders were so pivotal to everything we do?  My physiotherapist has commented how much better my range of motion is and my improvement has dramatically increased since starting Sandra’s workouts.

So trust me, if I can do this, absolutely anyone can!  Sometimes, it’s not about the muscles or how great we look, it’s about the life that this body allows us to live.  And I am happy to say that my life just got a little bigger.

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