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SO Full of LIFE Fitness and Wellness was created from a passion for fitness after over 25 years in corporate Management. The private 800 square foot studio located in Kitchener, Ontario can service multiple clients at one time in a group training setting or provide one on one service to meet the needs of personal training clients.

Need to reverse the signs of aging, drop weight, get healthy or just get started in a fitness environment; SO Full of LIFE Fitness and Wellness is the place for you!

Intimidated by the big commercial gyms? Don’t know where to start? SO Full of LIFE can provide you with the programs, confidence and knowledge to get you on track to better health and well being.

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Meet Sandra O’Hagan

My fitness journey began in my early 40’s when I started to feel and see my body aging.  I joined a Women’s fitness club but after a couple of years of repeating the same program, I realized I needed to take my workout up a notch if I wanted better results.

As a business woman; who managed a team sometimes in excess of 20 people, spoke comfortably in front of groups and travelled throughout my career; I was surprisingly intimidated by the big gym surroundings!  Despite my reservations, I forged ahead; signed up, hired a personal trainer and it did not take long to transform my body and feel years younger!  I was hooked!  I loved the energy of the environment, loved the level of workout I could achieve being personally trained and became passionate about weight lifting.  Why had this discovery taken me so long?

In 2009 I suffered an unexplained spontaneous bleed in my brain which resulted in stroke-like symptoms.  This life threatening condition left me with the inability to walk without support or lift my left arm.  I credit personal training and being in great physical shape as the reason I was able to fully rehab back over the next few months.

During this down time, I studied for and received my Personal Training certification with a plan to share my passion and train clients occasionally on my return to work.

Returning to my full time career, I had a changed perspective and a strong commitment to reduce the stress in my life and maintain the balance I had discovered was so important to my well being.  Given the demands of my career and my superwoman personality, I eventually fell back into many old habits and stressors.  I realized I was no longer enjoying what I was doing and it was not conducive to my personal wellness.

With the support of my family I made the single biggest decision of my life in 2011 and resigned from my 30 year career and so began SO Full of LIFE Fitness and Wellness along with my strong commitment to deliver the Anti-Aging message.