One Woman’s Journey Through Personal Training and Beyond…Part 2

Anne, my dear client and friend, offered to journal her fitness experience for me but it was too good not to share.  She agreed to allow me to pass along the experience in her words…enjoy!! Visit 3: “Okay, so Sandra began sweet and I thought this was going to be easy (foolish me).  She’s still sweet […]

One Woman’s Journey Through Personal Training and Beyond…

Last year I was contacted by someone I knew from a business networking group.  She had experienced an injury which resulted in a frozen shoulder.  This limits range of motion in your shoulder and can be quite debilitating.  Left untreated, it can take a very long time to heal.  She was undergoing physiotherapy but the […]

30 for 30 Fitness Challenge is BACK

It’s Back…the 30 for 30 Fitness Challenge begins October 1st

Real Age vs Chronological Age

This is a wonderful site and a great test of your “REAL AGE” thanks to Dr. Oz. Please check it out and let me know what the outcome was. Maybe you can set a goal to change the outcome of this test? Would love your feedback in the comments below.  

What I Learned during 30 Days of Activity

The 30 in 30 Challenge started out as a way to get people more active and support a great charity. I was hoping to get a few people involved and would donate my personal training package as a prize. Ultimately over 70 people registered and 20 prizes were donated by some great friends and companies. […]

30 in 30 Fitness Challenge at SO Full of LIFE

Announcing 2013 Wellness Speaker Series

Mark your calendars for our first WELLNESS EVENT of 2013 entitled,  To Stress or Not to Stress? being kicked off by Renate Donnovan MA, CEC, CHt Counselling Hypnotist and Personal Coach, back by popular demand after providing an exceptional session for us in November on Emotional Eating and its effects on Fat Storing.                                                                                      Weighing on […]

Unleash Your Inner Strength with GROUP TRAINING

Introducing “SO Vibrant” Group Training    You want to work out, you don’t know where to start or you have started and are not seeing results and personal training is not in the budget…now what? The answer is here…Group Training in a private studio! Exercises designed to build strength, flexibility, stamina, functionality, promote weight loss […]

Happy Blue Monday!

As I sat in my office after enjoying wonderful clients this morning, I was loving the sunshine streaming in and feeling warm and cozy while sipping a great cup of coffee. To my surprise, I opened Facebook and realized it was Blue Monday…the saddest, lowest day of the year…really?  There is no doubt that the days are short and the sun […]